Until sometime in November, when we expect to relocate to our new Pecan Grove campus near Richmond, our Thoreau services will continue in our rented facility in an office park in Stafford.

On your first visit, you may  want to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the service starts, to get acclimated. There is plenty of parking on either the east side or the west side of the building. The sanctuary suite is on the east side, while the office and fellowship area are on the west side. You should find people and/or signs at either entrance to help you find your way.  Greeters near the doors of the sanctuary can assist you upon arrival and direct you to where you want to go.

Children are in the service for about the first 10-15 minutes, one of the ministers presents the Big Idea, and then we sing them and their teachers off to class.

We encourage you to make the choice which is comfortable for you and your child: You may accompany your child to their class or have them stay with you in the sanctuary. Nursery Care is available during the service for infants and toddlers through 3 years old, but of course we hope you will feel free to keep your baby with you.

From the sermon, our ministers hope you’ll learn something new, be moved emotionally, and called to act on your values. You’ll hear themed music and have a chance to sing and ponder readings of the day.

People wear what they are  comfortable in. This varies from “Sunday Best” to t-shirts, shorts and sandals, or anything in between.

After the service, please join us for coffee, tea, and snacks in the fellowship area.

You can also pick up a Social Justice guide or other literature which will supply information about our activities. You are invited to help out with a social justice event or participate with any group you may be interested in.

Questions? Give us a call (713-526-5200) or send an email (office@firstuu.org), or just show up on Sunday and ask. We hope to see you soon!