Our campus minister and our church staff provide leadership for the operation and administration of the church to our Team Leaders and their teams.

Teams are an opportunity for you to learn new skills, hone old ones, and work with like minded folks to live out your values.

We run our core ministries through our Church teams. Each campus has its own team list. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities. Some (like greeters) you can become part of right away. Others are reserved for seasoned members. Click a link to open a new page about those opportunities.


Sunday Volunteer Team.

Many opportunities to connect with people.

Music Team.

Put your talent to work for a greater good.

Kids Team.

You learn so much when you help kids learn.

Social Justice Team.

A way to walk the talk, live out your values in public.


The Stewardship Team make it easy and fun for you to live out your value of generosity at a level that is meaningful to you.  They conduct our annual financial canvass of members and friends. This campaign (usually in February) serves as the church’s primary funding source.


The Care Team provides emotional and physical care and assistance for members who are in need of support. They may provide meals for the home-bound or infirm, offer transportation to appointments, and provide support for caregivers.

Training for team members is available through Interfaith Care Partners to ensure that the team is well prepared for their work.


The Healthy Communication Team serves as a sounding board for church members and friends. Members of the team are available along with an open notebook so you can register your comments. The team works with our minister to ensure effective communication among members and leadership. The group also facilitates church meetings using a resolution protocol. We are committed to having an open, honest church where concerns are addressed and compliments are readily shared.


The Governance Team encompasses our church wide Nominating Committee and Board of Trustees. Links below will take you to the main church site for more information.

  1. Constitution
  2. Bylaws
  3. Board Policies